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ICAD Webinar
Digital Liaisons: Lessons learned from using social media
and ICT in HIV work
Thursday, March 23 at 1pm EDT

How are social media and ICT being used to promote sexual health and to engage individuals and communities in the response to HIV?

This one-hour webinar features a presentation of key lessons learned from the development of ICAD’s Digital Liaisons website and an interactive discussion with representatives of two of our featured case studies. Learn from the experiences of others by hearing how community-based organizations are using social media and ICT in interesting and innovative ways. Check out ICAD’s Digital Liaisons website here: http://digital-liaisons.icad-cisd.com.

In conversation with:

  • Robin Montgomery, ICAD (“ICAD Goes Virtual”)
  • Laura Keegan, HIV Edmonton (“HIV Edmonton: A very social organization”)
  • Sophie Wertheimer & Kate Alexander, writers of Digital Liaisons

This webinar is a part of ICAD’s Lunch and Learn Series.