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Thematic Segment: HIV Prevention 2020: A Global Partnership for Delivery
Panel: What is required for prevention scale-up
Delivered by: Robin Montgomery, Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD)

I speak on behalf of the Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD) – a Consortium of over 100 Canadian-based front-line and international development partners, community leaders and advocates.

Thank you very much to our esteemed panelists and to the working group who have organized today’s very important thematic segment.

One issue we haven’t heard about today – but yet constitutes a key driver of new infections around the world – is the growing level of HIV complacency. Complacency, mutes urgency and furthers embeds the false perception that AIDS crisis is over. Complacency is one of the strongest barriers impeding access to HIV testing and knowing one’s status. It threatens and stifles political will.  And it consistently works against our best efforts to reach and exceed our 2020 targets.

HIV is far from over.

So, as a question to all our panelists – and in fact as a question to all of us in the room – in the context of taking prevention to scale – what needs to happen to prevent and stem the growing tide of HIV complacency? Should we be rethinking the mantra “the end of AIDS” when complacency has become a risk factor for leaving key and vulnerable populations behind including migrants, Indigenous Peoples, and prisoners?

Thank you.