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CATIE is Canada’s source for up-to-date, unbiased information about HIV and hepatitis C. We connect people living with HIV or hepatitis C, at-risk communities, healthcare providers and community organizations with the knowledge, resources and expertise to reduce transmission and improve quality of life.

CATIE’s goals are to:

  1. promote the empowerment of people living with, and at risk for, HIV and HCV, as well as their caregivers, to make informed health decisions; and
  2. help build the capacity of frontline workers (such as doctors, nurses, public health workers, outreach and support workers) and their organizations to develop and deliver evidence-based programming in HIV prevention, care, treatment and support.

Conceived over 20 years ago with the visionary mandate to share information about HIV/AIDS treatment, CATIE works from an inclusive concept of knowledge that includes research evidence, practice-based learning, lived experience and community knowledge.Through our research news bulletins – CATIE News, Prevention in Focus and TreatmentUpdate – we synthesize  and translate the latest developments in HIV and HCV research into a community context to promote advances in health management and care.

Through pro-active partnerships, CATIE leads and supports the development of a broad range of evidence-based resources at multiple health literacy levels that target diverse audiences, from frontline workers, to communities at risk, to people living with HIV and/or HCV. These resources include client materials, practical guides for health management, social marketing campaigns, programming case studies and toolkits for frontline workers.

CATIE’s main website, www.catie.ca, as well as our hepatitis C site, www.hepCInfo.ca, provide access to these resources along with other evidence-based materials developed throughout Canada and internationally as a single point of access for frontline workers. Through the online feature Programming Connection we share a growing collection of on-the-ground practices that provide insights for program development. Additionally, through our national Ordering Centre, we assemble and disseminate free print-based resources developed by organizations across Canada with specific expertise in HIV and HCV prevention, care, treatment and support.

CATIE has an extensive organizational capacity building program. Our regional health education coordinators conduct workshops and co-organize regional educational conferences that deliver pertinent information to healthcare providers and frontline service organizations – information that apprises them of the latest research findings and facilitates the development and implementation of their program delivery.

Educational outreach has included innovative approaches to sharing knowledge and experience. In partnership with  South Africa-based REPSSI, CATIE conducted art-based exercises with women living with HIV in order to convey life-saving

information about HIV and the challenges associated with living with it. In these five-day Body-Mapping workshops held in Tanzania, Zambia and Canada, women created life-sized tracings of their bodies on paper and added powerful words, quotes, symbols and images to express their life journey with HIV. CATIE also presents The Power of One, an exhibit using grains of rice that lend graphic power to statistics illustrating the HIV epidemic in Canada. Each grain of rice represents one person and the piles of rice illustrate various statistics such as the estimated number of people living with HIV in Canada (65,000 in 2008, the latest figure).

555 Richmond Street West, Suite 505
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3B1
Telephone: 1-800-263-1638
E-mail: info@catie.ca
www.hepCinfo.ca / www.infohepatiteC.ca