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LetsStopAIDS is Canada’s largest youth-HIV charity that inspires youth leadership for HIV prevention. 

Founded in 2004, LetsStopAIDS focuses on HIV education and prevention through positive youth engagement and leadership. Whether it is in rural South Africa or urban cities across Canada, LetsStopAIDS is dedicated to creating a global network of youth-HIV peer educators.

Our Core Values

SHARE. We share information and knowledge about HIV. Collaboration, teamwork and knowledge exchange are at the heart of every step of the process.

INSPIRE. We inspire youth to take action, within their local community. Young people must be included in all levels of leadership.

CREATE. We create a global network of youth-HIV peer educators. Through meaningful youth leadership, we are igniting HIV prevention.


The 24 Hour Wake
is LetsStopAIDS’ national educational and fundraising event where individuals stay awake for 24 hours to promote HIV awareness. With more than 5000 youth participants in over 50 schools across Canada, these individuals must stay awake each year to generate greater interests towards local and international issues relating to the global HIV epidemic.
LetsStopAIDS also hosts health promotional workshops which are designed to engage discussion and promote HIV awareness, intervention and prevention to youth both at the local and global level. These youth-led workshops range in size as we have conducted workshops in classrooms, schools and even entire communities throughout Canada, South Africa and India. 
Spread Trees, Not AIDS is LetsStopAIDS’ international programme aimed to bringing together two of the most pressing issues today: HIV and environmental degradation. Closely partnered with the AIDS Foundation of South Africa, Centre for HIV Networking (HIVAN) and Food & Trees for Africa, Spread Trees, Not AIDS engages a for-youth-by-youth approach in peer-education and sustainable development, we have set out to create a network of peer educators who are capable of taking leadership roles within local communities. Spread Trees, Not AIDS is based in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, which has been named the epicentre of HIV. 


Canadian Head Office
17 Henrietta St.
Toronto, ON M6N 1S4
Phone: 416-231-2333
Toll Free: 1-866-530-AIDS (2437)