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ICAD signs on to call to action. Stimulus Conference - October 3, 2018. We, a coalition of Canadian organizations with legal, human rights, harm reduction and lived experience representation, call on our provincial and federal governments to accelerate their response […]


ICAD signs on to Statement: We, the undersigned members of communities affected by tuberculosis (TB), civil society organizations and networks, and individuals, recognize and appreciate this momentous occasion of the first United Nations High-Level Meeting on the Fight to End […]




Dear friends and colleagues, It is with tremendous sadness that we share the news that CHABAC’s co-chair, Robert Bardston, has passed away. Robert was a steadfast advocate who held many issues near to his heart. He fought against racism, homophobia and stigma related to HIV, mental health and ageing.   While many of us knew Robert for his role on CHABAC, CPPN or one of the many other groups he was committed to, he was also a gifted cellist and cello teacher, and an avid promoter of using the arts in community-based work. This tribute from former students of his is a testament to his work:   https://vimeo.com/254444975    and a recent performance … Lire la suite 





[Agence de la santé publique du Canada] – L’honorable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, ministre de la Santé, a lancé aujourd’hui un appel de propositions pour appuyer des projets communautaires qui réduiront le taux d’infections à VIH et d’hépatite C chez les personnes qui partagent du matériel d’injection et d’autres articles associés à la consommation de drogues. Les projets retenus mettront en œuvre des interventions ponctuelles fondées sur des données probantes, comme la création de ressources éducatives destinées aux gens qui consomment des drogues, la réalisation d’initiatives d’action par les pairs et l’élaboration d’une formation pour les fournisseurs de services de santé.