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Ottawa, 1 November 2016 – The Canadian HIV/AIDS Black, African & Caribbean Network (CHABAC) today released its newest fact sheet, “Emerging Prevention Technologies and Canada’s African, Caribbean and Black Communities” .  The HIV prevention landscape is constantly shifting and increasingly complex. Today, there are more proven HIV prevention strategies, and growing knowledge about how to better understand and roll out these approaches in challenging contexts. Emerging prevention technologies, such as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), have many potential benefits. However their uptake in African, Caribbean and Black communities has been slow, due in part to access issues. The purpose of the resource is to provide service providers with an overview of what … Read more 






Dear ICAD members:

We are pleased to share information about our current study, ‘The HIV Stigma and IME Project: An Exploratory Study Assessing and Understanding HIV-Related Stigma Among African Immigrants Living With HIV in Alberta, Who Have Had HIV-Testing During the Immigration Medical Examination (IME) Process’ with you.

This study will help us understand the experience of HIV testing during the immigration medical examination process, as well as the experience of stigma. It will provide us with information that will provide insight to how HIV testing is experienced by African immigrants, how services and care are accessed, and if stigma is experienced during the immigration testing process.

We are a … Read more 


For Immediate Release

One step further: Canadian Positive People Network / Réseau Canadien Des Personnes Séropositives now registered as a Not-for Profit Organization, retains links to GNP+

Following the International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention in July 2015 in Vancouver, the Canadian Positive People Network (CPPN)/ Réseau Canadien Des Personnes Séropositives (RCPS) is pleased to announce it is now officially registered as a corporation, a community-based network for and by people living with HIV under the New Canadian Not for Profit (NFP) Act.

“People living with HIV in Canada have taken a bold new step forward to form our own national network as we demand our … Read more 


McGill University is collaborating with the Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation (CWGHR) on a Canada-wide survey. We are attempting to better understand the mental health needs of older adults (50 years of age or older) living with chronic health conditions that result in episodic disability. Episodic disability is characterized by fluctuating periods and degrees of wellness and illness. These periods of wellness and illness are unpredictable. Because it is often difficult to predict when episodes of illness will occur, how severe they will be and how long they will last, episodic disability can have a negative impact on employment participation, income stability, coordination of care and social inclusion.

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