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My name is Chantelle Pirimira I’m from Ward 8 Seke District. I work with Katswe Sistahood and Youth Engage and I am one of the SU facilitators. This program has helped a lot because I have learnt a lot about SRHR focusing on AGYW from the ages of 15-24 years. How to prevent myself and help other young women prevent themselves from contracting HIV and STIs. I also talk to my fellow peers to understand if they are getting the adequate SRH services they require and if they are living a healthy lifestyle protecting themselves and their partners. I am also grateful for Youth engage and Katswe Sistahood for providing us with the information we need to pass on to other young people. The 10 selected Pachoto members are excited about the program too as they have benefited a lot from it.

I am Tatenda Karombe from Simba Utano in conjunction with Katswe Sistahood and Youth Engage. I am from ward 8 working with 10 adolescent and young people. Personally I have learnt that as young people there are various places where we can access health services. Places that I never knew were accessible to us. I have also learnt that as young people we have rights to access services such as contraception/family planning. I have also learnt about my body rights as a young woman/girl. Above all I would say we are mostly benefiting knowledge from this project.

My name is Nokutenda Ndamba I’m from Ward 8. I am one of the selected young women for the Pachoto sessions. So far I have learnt about SRH, Gender and the 4 As. What I like about this club is that as young girls we are taught about our health and our rights. We share ideas on what we should do as young women so that we don’t contract infections or diseases.

My name is Tiffany Kangawa and I am a facilitator for Simba Utano working with Youth Engage and Katswe Sistahood. through this project we have learnt of our health and sexual rights. Particularly that as young women and young adults we have rights to say no to sex when we don’t want it. I also have the right to choose my sexual partner or to go to a clinic to get tested and have STI screenings especially before engaging in sexual activities. I also learnt that I have a right to speak out my mind.


Youth Engage and invited partners will be on Heart and Soul everyday for an hour for 10 days unpacking different issues as they relate to the campaign.

First session: Orange the World: Fund, Respond, Prevent and Collect

Second session: Locked down Gender-Based Violence in a COVID-19 Pandemic Era


Samantha, Audrey and Klara, Youth Engage participants interviewed during the radio program
Nurse from Muntu Clinic, Sister Jane Dube giving a Health Talk

Pachoto group leaders from Ezikho, Umguza District pushing for the inclusion of young people on Health Center Committees
Simba Utano facilitators showing off their gear

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