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The organizations will seek to enhance the capacity of women of reproductive age living with HIV on nutrition, HIV, SRHR and gender in order to improve their health and nutritional status and children under 5 living with or affected by HIV through two key areas of intervention for each Zambian organization:

Child Participation Inclusive Education in Mpika (CPIEM) (Mpika, Zambia)

  1. Increasing knowledge and skills for proper nutrition among women reproductive age living with or affected by HIV
  2. Improved knowledge and skills on HIV, gender and SRHR among women and girls of child bearing age

Chikanjebela Women’s Club (Shiwa ng’andu, Zambia)

  1. Increasing knowledge and skills of Club members and People Living with HIV related to HIV, nutrition, gender and SRHR
  2. Increasing the capacity of Chikanjebela Women’s Club to implement nutrition, care-giving and training projects

Chikanjebela and CPIEM will each implement separate projects, in their communities, based on specific community needs and organizational capacity, with some overlap in activities and development of materials. Chikanjebela will engage in two visits to CPIEM as well as one visit to Program for Vulnerable Children and Women (PVCW), another Zambian organization implementing a SANI twinning project.

CAP Network (Canada) will provide capacity building and implementation support to the two organizations, through Canadian headquarters as well as a locally-hired Project Officer, and will conduct two visits to the Zambian organizations—one at project start-up and a second monitoring visit during implementation.


  • Mpika and Shiwa ng’andu, Zambia