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Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund)

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and TB (the Global Fund) was founded in 2002 as a financing institution providing support to countries in the response to the three diseases. The Global Fund Board consists of representatives of donor and recipient governments, NGOs, the private sector (businesses and foundations) and affected communities. It meets twice a year and is responsible for overall governance and the approval of grants. Follow this link for more information on the Global Fund.

Civil Society Representation

Civil society from around the world plays a key role in influencing Global Fund policies, practices. It plays an important role in agenda setting, ensuring transparency and increasing accountability while advocating for treatment access, a comprehensive response to HIV, TB and malaria, increasing the focus on key affected populations and ensuring that human rights is at the core of the response.

Three Delegations play this critical role:

  • NGO Developed Country Delegation
    Comprised of NGOs based in Western Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand
  • Communities Delegation
    Comprised of representatives of NGOs composed of communities living with and/or affected by HIV, TB and malaria
  • NGO Developing Country NGO Delegation
    Comprised of NGOs based in implementing countries including Faith-Based Organizations, health care service providers, advocacy groups and professional associations

Referred to as the NGO Delegations, each has one seat on the GF Board. Each constituency contains a Board Member, Alternate Board Member a Focal Point and committee members.

ICAD and the Global Fund

NGO Developed Country Delegation

In 2014, ICAD’s Executive Director proudly joined the NGO Developed Country Delegation and actively participates in Global Fund Board meetings. In this role ICAD has been able to bring civil society and implementer perspectives to policy debates, discussions and to the agenda of the Global Fund Board.

Shaping Policies to Help End the HIV Epidemic

ICAD is a convener between Canadian civil society, the Canadian government, and the Global Fund. ICAD holds regular civil society consultations and briefings via teleconference around important Global Fund events and Board meetings. These consultations and briefings provide an important venue for our members to feed into and shape policies that will help us get to a world without AIDS.

Canada and the Global Fund

Canada has been a strong supporter of the Global Fund since its beginning and is the 7th largest donor (as of 2014). Canada has played an active role in Global Fund decision-making, sharing a seat with Switzerland on the Board of the Global Fund and participating in its Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee.

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