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This blog first appeared in the Huffington Post Canada here .

By Loyce Maturu

Try for a moment to put yourself in the shoes of an adolescent. Adolescents aren’t children and they aren’t adults, either. It is a time of deep emotional and physical upheavals. Relationships are often the centre of your changing world. So imagine if you can how it must feel to be an adolescent living with HIV. I was one of them and I count myself lucky to be here to tell my story.

In May, I met Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to talk about how I was able to overcome the challenges of living with HIV … Read more 


This blog first appeared in the Huffington Post Canada here .

By Monica Geingos, First Lady of the Republic of Namibia

In many parts of Africa, there are women who have no way of negotiating the choice, or use, of contraceptives with a partner. There are women in relationships who have no option of refusing sex, nor the power to require use of a condom. While HIV infections among the general population of eastern and southern Africa have been plummeting, it has resurfaced and started to grow among adolescent girls and young women.

It is clear that sufficient effort has been placed in effective strategies to reduce the raging HIV … Read more 


This blog first appeared in the Huffington Post Canada here .

By Moses Owori

The most vivid memory I have of my mum is her groaning during the last few minutes of her life, as she battled AIDS.

I was pre-school aged and about to lose my mother. My mum had five boys, each with a different father. I was born third. At the time of her death, she was “married” to a Kenyan man, the father of my younger brother. She was travelling back from Kenya to Uganda when her condition deteriorated. She never made it home.

Back in Kenya, our oldest brother was waiting for our return. We … Read more 



38th UNAIDS PCB Meeting, Geneva Thematic Session on the Role of Communities in Ending AIDS by 2030 Panel 1: Shaping the Debate with Robin Montgomery, ICAD Executive Director Moderator Question to Robin: What have been the strengths and the challenges of working in a broad coalition to advocate on domestic and global AIDS policy, and how can these diverse civil society groups be better supported in their advocacy? Talking Points INTRO: An intriguing question. To help contextualize, I thought it would be interesting to quickly consult also with other coalition-based organizations on their thoughts and So, in my comments today, I am speaking on behalf of the International Council of … Read more 


38th UNAIDS PCB Meeting, Geneva NGO Statement: UNAIDS ED Report This statement is made on behalf of Stop Aids Alliance and the Interagency Coalition on Aids and Development (ICAD) We want to highlight two main issues in relation to the HLM, and ask UNAIDS and Member States for their leadership: Whereas the Political Declaration includes strong commitment to the 90-90-90 strategy , access to treatment and financing issues among others, this must be accompanied with a strong commitment to KP, human rights and combination prevention programs in all countries, including MICs, as the only way to ending Aids by 2030. Many donors are withdrawing their financial support to MICs, often … Read more 


38th UNAIDS PCB Meeting, Geneva NGO Statement: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights This statement is made on behalf of a loosely formed coalition of the STOP AIDS Alliance, the Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD), the South African AIDS Trust, the Canadian Positive People Network, and the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+). Thank you, Mr. Chair. We thank the NGO delegation and strongly applaud the articulate, deeply grounding, and affecting NGO report. We call upon UNAIDS and Member States to ensure strong political support for integrated sexual and reproductive health and rights in the HIV response with concrete targets, indicators and dedicated funding at the … Read more 


38th UNAIDS PCB Meeting, Geneva NGO Statement: Financing    Thank you, Mr. Chair, On behalf of the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+), the Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD) and the STOP AIDS Alliance. As noted yesterday, the “financing” elephant in the room needs to be urgently and critically addressed. While there has been debate on what the precise figures may be, we now know that to get on the five-year Fast Track we must increase investments from $19 billion to at least $26.2 billion (and ideally $30 billion) by the year 2020. Despite this, we know that with competing crises, the politics of scarcity, and … Read more 


OTTAWA, Canada, 09 May, 2016— The Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD), RESULTS Canada, and ICASO congratulate the Government of Canada on its global health leadership and commitment to the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria globally. Today, the Prime Minister announced Canada will host world leaders for the Fifth Replenishment Conference of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (Global Fund). This global gathering will convene world leaders to mobilize ambitious funding commitments for the period of 2017-2019. Investments of this level will drive transformative change to the trajectory of these three global epidemics, and will improve global health more broadly. “A fully funded Global Fund … Read more 


We applaud the President of the UN General Assembly for the opportunity to join Member States, representatives from civil society, communities living with and affected by HIV, the academic and scientific community and many others in these critical and focused dialogues leading into the High Level Meeting on HIV and AIDS (HLM). We strongly urge continued active and substantive engagement with civil society and communities living with and affected by HIV throughout the process leading upto June’s HLM and beyond. With our post-2015 global development framework squarely in place, it is now critical that the international community reaffirm its commitment to end HIV as a public health threat by 2030. … Read more