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Dear friends and colleagues,

On April 28, 2017, UNAIDS will conduct a Multi-stakeholder consultation to discuss the findings and recommendations of the Global Review Panel (GRP) on the new Operating model of the UNAIDS Joint Programme. The NGO Delegation  has been actively engaged in the GRP process and consulting with key community and civil society partners, especially in providing inputs into the review process and recommendations.

In preparation for the Multi-stakeholder consultation, the Delegation solicited inputs and comments on a 10-Key Messages document to the GRP. The Delegation appreciates and acknowledges the substantial feedback that many of you have provided and we have adopted as many of the edits as we could. Please note that this is not a document for the general audience, but a document to influence the discussions on April 28 (and beyond). 

10 Key Messages Document to the GRP: The UNAIDS We Need: Ten Key Messages from Civil Society & Communities to the Global Review Panel


One of the plans related to the Multi-stakeholder consultation was to hold a public awareness campaign via two days of twitter rallies: April 24 (initial) and April 28.

Please find social media messages culled from the Ten Key Messages from Civil Society & Communities to the Global Review Panel here.

Please feel free to craft your own twitter messages as well. The hashtag we will use are: #TheUNAIDSWeNeed and #UNAIDSGRP. Help us sustain the momentum by tweeting with us, retweeting our messages (@ngopcb) and sharing the messages with your networks, allies and friends.

Don’t forget to use the twitter handles of UNAIDS, PCB Member states and co-sponsors. You can find some of them here.

Thank you as always for the support and active engagement.

NGO Delegation to the UNAIDS PCB