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Please take part and help us spread the word on this campaign! The NGO Delegation is organizing #TheUNAIDSWeNeed, a social media campaign to drum up awareness on the ongoing process of rethinking the new UNAIDS operating model. This is also an opportunity to visually send messages to UNAIDS Secretariat, Co-sponsors, and Member States on what the global HIV community and civil society expect and envisage of the UNAIDS new operating model. For this campaign, we would like to request you to share photos of you and your colleagues and community partners holding signs with messages that respond to the hashtag. You can use A4 size paper or other sizes – … Read more 


Il est démontré que la réduction des méfaits fait participer les personnes autochtones qui consomment des drogues aux programmes de soins, de traitement et de soutien. Ce guide fournit des informations sur les services de réduction des méfaits comme les […]



Dear friends and colleagues, On April 28, 2017, UNAIDS will conduct a Multi-stakeholder consultation to discuss the findings and recommendations of the Global Review Panel (GRP) on the new Operating model of the UNAIDS Joint Programme. The NGO Delegation  has been actively engaged in the GRP process and consulting with key community and civil society partners, especially in providing inputs into the review process and recommendations. In preparation for the Multi-stakeholder consultation, the Delegation solicited inputs and comments on a 10-Key Messages document to the GRP. The Delegation appreciates and acknowledges the substantial feedback that many of you have provided and we have adopted as many of the edits as … Read more 



Ce rapport donne un aperçu du consensus mondial sur la nécessité d’une riposte communautaire au VIH dotée de moyens suffisants, expose certains des principaux obstacles rencontrés par les communautés pour accéder aux financements des donateurs et formule des recommandations pratiques […]


The UNAIDS PCB will be holding a thematic session on HIV Prevention 2020: A global partnership for delivery during its 40th meeting (June 27-29, 2017). The NGO Delegation to the UNAIDS PCB is seeking submissions from community and civil society partners to showcase good and evidence informed practice and programming that address the 5 core areas of UNAIDS Prevention Gap Report, including efforts to address the many social and structural drivers of the epidemic. We are strongly encouraging examples from Canada. Please share this broadly within your networks and contact Robin Montgomery (rmontgomery@icad-cisd.com) and Trevor Stratton (trevor@caan.ca) if you are interested in making a submission. Application details are found below. … Read more