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Youth Engage (YE) is a grassroots youth organization that advocates for the health, well-being and human rights of all young people, regardless of faith, race, religion, gender, sex or tribe. It believes in youth-led, data-driven accountability and focusses on utilizing the collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data to measure the success and impact of Zimbabwe health targets, health policies and health interventions.

Approach and Methodology: The Accountability Advocacy Model

What is most relevant to the Simba Utano project is YE’s Youth Data Reporters program which focusses on using scorecards to collect and analyze SRHR qualitative and quantitative data at the district health facility level.The Youth Data Reporters represent a diversity of young people and ensures that the health response is driven by young people, including young key affected populations.

Youth Data Reporters are selected from a pool of applicants currently working in the community and national levels on SRHR, the provision of youth friendly services and comprehensive sexuality education. Selected applicants are invited to a rotational one year program of rigorous training about HIV and SRHR issues, data collection and analysis and community mobilization. As part of the training, each is expected to collect data and gather evidence from their community. The data collected is then synthesized and processed for use in innovative communication tools and evidence-based advocacy at district, regional and national level.

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