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The organizations will seek to enhance the capacity of women of reproductive age living with HIV on nutrition, HIV, SRHR and gender in order to improve their health and nutritional status and children under 5 living with or affected by HIV through two key areas of intervention:

  1. Increasing knowledge among women and men about HIV, nutrition and gender equality
  2. Increasing women’s economic empowerment

The National Association for People Living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi (NAPHAM) and Positive Living Niagara will work collaboratively on material development and adaptation, using pre-existing materials. They will each deliver separate but related interventions in their communities and will exchange lessons learned, including through a NAPHAM visit to Niagara.

NAPHAM will implement activities through their existing support groups for people living with HIV in Ntchisi and Dowa.


  • Dowa and Ntchisi, Malawi
  • Niagara Region, Canada