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ARV Based Prevention: What Does it Mean for Women? (Factsheet, Global Campaign for Microbicides)

Clinical Trials – What you need to know (Handbook, Canadian HIV Trials Network and Canadian AIDS Society)

Communications Handbook for Clinical Trials (Handbook, USAID, Family Health International, Global Campaign for Microbicides, Microbicides Media and Communications Initiative)

Ethical Considerations in Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials (Guidance Document, UNAIDS and WHO)

Ethics Self Training Manual (NHVMAS)

Good Participatory Practice: Guidelines for Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials (UNAIDS and AVAC)

Innovative Product Development Partnerships (Policy Brief, IAVI)

Standards of Prevention in HIV Prevention Trials (Report, USAID, GCM, CDC, UNAIDS)

Tools, Trends and New Technologies in HIV Prevention (Factsheet, ICAD)

Understanding the Research Process for NPTs (Factsheet, ICAD)


ARV-Based Microbicides: The Promise and the Puzzle (Factsheet, GCM)

Frequently Asked Questions About Microbicides (Factsheet, GCM)

Microbicides: What Do They Mean for Women? (Factsheet, GCM)

Less Silence, More Science (Report, IRMA)

Mapping the Standards of Care at Microbicides Clinical Trial Sites (Report, GCM and USAID)

Microbicide Overview (Factsheet, IPM)

Women and the Need for Microbicides (Factsheet, IPM)

Rectal Microbicides 101 (Factsheet, IRMA)

The First 55 Steps: A Report of the Microbicide Development Strategy’s Civil Society Working Group (Report, USAID and GCM)

Understanding the Results of CAPRISA 004 (Policy Brief, AVAC)

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (Factsheet, AVAC)

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis as a Potential HIV Prevention Method (Factsheet, ICAD)

PrEP Primer: An introduction to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) research for HIV prevention (Factsheet, AVAC)


AIDS Vaccine (Factsheet, AVAC)

AIDS Vaccine Blueprint 2008 (Report, IAVI)

AIDS Vaccine Q and A (Factsheet, IAVI)

The Impact of AIDS Vaccine Research on Health Systems Strengthening (Factsheet, ICAD)