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  1. To introduce the overall objectives of the workshop
  2. To help participants understand where new prevention technologies fit relative to other HIV prevention strategies
  3. To introduce basic concepts, including definitions of different new prevention technologies (NPTs) and drug resistance
  4. To introduce the gender implications of NPTs

Key Points

  • A comprehensive approach to HIV prevention should have many elements. Right now, we have many tools that people can use before exposure, right at the point of HIV transmission, and after being infected. However, access to and use of these tools is less than optimal for a variety of social, economic and cultural reasons.
  • We all agree that we need to improve people’s access to the existing tools. Advocates and researchers around the world are also working to see what new options could be added to this toolkit in the near future.
  • A full spectrum of HIV prevention options includes some that are based on antiretrovirals (ARVs), and some that are not.

Suggested Activities

Warm –up exercise (slide 3)

This exercise will act as an ice‐breaker and warm up to get participants interested in the topic, and get them in critical reading mode. The articles should show extreme examples and demonstrate the difficulty in discerning the “truth” in the messages.

At least one copy of each article for each small group.
Article suggestions – Zambia media coverage of PRO2000 trial results

Instructions to Facilitator:
Have the participants break into small groups and give each small group at least one copy of each of the three articles. Have them pass the articles around as they finish reading them. Instruct them to respond to the discussion questions in their small groups.

Show and tell (slide 10)

Many people may not have seen a female condom. If you have one available you can take this opportunity to explain the parts of the female condom and pass it around for participants to look at while you go through the next slides.

Microbicides video (slide 21)

There is a two‐minute teaser video to introduce the concept of vaginal microbicides (English only). The full version (20‐minute) video is available in several languages including English | Français | Kiswahili | isiXhosa | isiZulu

The video is on the International Partnership for Microbicides website and is called Hope Against HIV: Microbicide Trials in Your Community.

Vaccines video (slide 35)

If there is time, you can show the AVAC video called “Creating Solutions” about AIDS vaccine research. The video is about five minutes in duration. In slideshow view, click on the “VIDEO” hyperlink (http://www.inthelifetv.org/html/episodes/81.html). Note: Under the embedded video that shows up, click on “Watch Segment” under Trials of a Vaccine (00:08:37).

Discussion on gender (slide 43)

“HIV vulnerability for women is driven by biological, social and economic factors.” Open this up to discussion and ask participants:

  • What do we mean by “gender”? Is it the same as “sex”?
  • What factors influence vulnerability to HIV?
  • What impact does gender have on HIV prevention?
  • For women?
  • For men? For gay men?