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The XVI International AIDS Conference, held in Toronto, Canada in August 2006, provided a forum for broader exploration of the complexities of the AIDS epidemic. Importantly, food and nutrition security have been identified as issues that are critically interlinked with HIV/AIDS and that need to be addressed along a continuum of prevention, treatment, care, and positive living. While the conference held many related sessions on gender, poverty, aboriginal peoples, and human rights, there were four sessions that focused specifically on the particular relationships between food security and HIV/AIDS:

  1. HIV/AIDS, Food and Nutrition Security: The RENEWAL Initiative in Eastern and Southern Africa – Sunday, August 13, 2006;
  2. Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Food Insecurity and HIV and AIDS – Monday, August 14, 2006;
  3. Food and Nutrition in Care and Treatment Programmes in Developing Countries – Tuesday, August 15, 2006; and
  4. HIV, Gender, and Development: The Poverty, Malnutrition, Food Security Cycle (from Evidence to Action) – Thursday, August 17, 2006.

This report synthesises the key issues raised in each of these four sessions.