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ICAD signs on to Statement: We, the undersigned members of communities affected by tuberculosis (TB), civil society organizations and networks, and individuals, recognize and appreciate this momentous occasion of the first United Nations High-Level Meeting on the Fight to End […]


IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED TO GET BACK ON TRACK TO END THE THREE EPIDEMICS New report from GFAN details critical need for increased funding to the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria 18 July 2018 (OTTAWA, Canada) – In a report released today , the Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) called for significant increases in international funding to meet the 2030 targets set by the Sustainable Development Goals to end HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. Robin Montgomery, Executive Director of the Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development and Alternate Board Member to the Global Fund Board said, “this is an historic opportunity where the world risks losing control of the … Read more 





Pourquoi la Réunion de haut niveau sur la tuberculose (TB) est-elle importante pour les acteurs de la société civile du domaine du VIH et de la TB au Canada? Comment la TB affecte-t-elle les personnes qui vivent au Canada? Comment pouvez-vous participer aux efforts de plaidoyer canadiens et mondiaux en vue de la Réunion de haut niveau sur la TB?
La CISD and RÉSULTATS Canada vous invitent à une discussion informative en ligne. Le mardi 6 mars 2018 De 13 h à 14 h (heure de l’Est) Inscrivez-vous ici  (Ce webinaire se déroulera en anglais seulement.) Ayant emporté 1,7 million de personnes en 2016, la TB est la maladie … Read more 



This blog first appeared on the Huffington Post Canada. By Shelley Garnham, RESULTS Canada I have a particular affinity for Isaac Newton’s famous quote,   “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”   I’ve always been short — except for a brief time in grade four when I hit average height, and then apparently stopped growing altogether. So I’ve spent most of my life getting quite good at strategizing how best to amplify my view. I have, on occasion, been known to climb atop furniture/counters/shoulders when needed. I know how valuable a boost up can be. Whether literal or metaphorical, gaining a little … Read more