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Public Announcement ICAD Closure-Dec1 2021 ICAD IS CLOSING ITS DOORS RAISING CONCERNS OVER THE SUSTAINABILITY OF CIVIL SOCIETY NETWORKS AND COALITIONS FIGHTING HIV AND ADJACENT HEALTH ISSUES After 30 years of bringing together a diverse and dynamic membership and allied partners to address HIV- related issues in Canada and globally, ICAD is preparing to close its doors in March 2022 . On this World AIDS Day , we are sounding the alarm for other civil society networks that are fighting off such a situation where it is no longer financially feasible to carry on and play their ever-important roles of convening, advocating and supporting our communities. ICAD’s experience speaks to … Read more 








This blog first appeared in the Huffington Post Canada here .
By Robin Montgomery, Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD)

In October 2015, the renewed UNAIDS Strategy was approved amidst cheers from the global community at the 37th meeting of the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board (PCB). The renewed strategy is an ambitious but viable, comprehensive road map charting the end of AIDS as a public health threat by 2030 and is couched within the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) .

Just twelve months later, the conversation at this week’s 39th PCB has taken a much more somber tone as delegates grapple with the funding crisis that has rocked … Read more 


This blog first appeared in the Huffington Post Canada here .

By Daniel Townsend

As many see the world making a shift to the right, there has been a groundswell of liberal praise for Canada. For many, Canada is viewed as a stable democracy with an educated multicultural population that seemingly all co-exist well. While many societies grapple with an emergence of right-leaning nationalism and cultural exclusivity, we, Canadians, harbor no outward illusions of greatness but are united on a common understanding that inclusiveness, tolerance, sound social and economic policies are the backbone of our strength — and this does not include the Trudeau factor.

Sensing a rise in our … Read more 


This blog first appeared in the Huffington Post Canada here .

By Charlie Baran

The following is adapted from an article that originally appeared in the Global Fund Observer on October 19, 2016.

I had the privilege of attending my first Global Fund Replenishment meeting last month in Montreal. The overall feel was of celebration and optimism. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised the Global Fund and its track record of saving lives and averting new infections, and backed up his talk with a US$720 million pledge to kick things off. The various other heads of state, health ministers, and private sector leaders all commended praised the Fund as well. … Read more