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By Laurie Edmiston, CATIE Earlier this year, I witnessed a profound historic moment at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam. Dr. Alison Rodger, a leading HIV researcher in the United Kingdom, presented the final results from a study of couples with one HIV-positive and one HIV-negative partner. After eight years of the study, she reported, there were zero cases of HIV transmission from one partner to the other – thanks to the prevention benefits of modern HIV medications. The evidence has been mounting for years. Several large clinical trials have confirmed that HIV treatment can suppress the virus so successfully that sexual transmission doesn’t occur. Three-quarters of Canadians diagnosed with … Read more 


By Jes Hovanes, Communications and Social Media Officer, CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network There is a line in Tony Kushner’s 1991 play Angels in America where, in the early days of the HIV epidemic, the character Belize, a nurse working in the AIDS ward in New York, warns Roy Cohn, who is dying of AIDS, to “watch out for the double-blind. They’ll want you to sign something that says they can give you M&M’s instead of the real drug. You’ll die, but they’ll get the kind of statistics they can publish in The New England Journal of Medicine…” Thankfully, this portrayed gap between the interests of medical researchers and the … Read more 


28 November 2018 – The Canadian HIV/AIDS Black, African and Caribbean (CHABAC) Network is hosting community roundtables in Ottawa, Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary and Halifax beginning December 1, 2018 to consult with service providers working with African, Black and Caribbean communities on the development of an African, Caribbean and Black-specific program science model. The initiative, is part of a five-year project (2018-2023) carried out in partnership by the Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development, AIDS Committee of Ottawa, Health Association of African Canadians, HIV Community Link, HIV Edmonton and the African Black Diaspora Global Network.

Data shows that African, Caribbean and Black people, whether born in Canada or in so called … Read more 


Soyez des nôtres à Ottawa pour un Déjeuner parlementaire soulignant la Journée mondiale du sida de 2018 et la Semaine nationale de sensibilisation au sida chez les Autochtones  

L’événement mettra en vedette des leaders internationaux et de communautés autochtones qui discuteront des efforts pour Combler l’écart dans l’accès aux services de santé et aux services liés au VIH pour les adolescentes et les jeunes femmes, dans le contexte du thème de la SNSSA et de la Journée mondiale du sida de cette année, « Connais ton statut ».

Quoi : Déjeuner parlementaire pour la Journée mondiale du sida et la Semaine nationale de sensibilisation au sida chez les Autochtones

Quand  … Read more